I help you transform your relationship with money by helping you generate more emotional wealth in your life first.​

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Hi, it’s Andrea

founder and Chief Executive Dog-Walker at The Wealth and Wellness Coach™!

I’m so excited you’ve made the decision to invest in yourself, your life and all of your dreams. I’ve walked down this very same path you’re on and I’m here to tell you there is something extraordinary waiting for you on the other side of your thoughts if you choose to believe financial freedom is yours simply by becoming a compassionate, conscious creator of your relationship with money.

This is Wealth and Wellness™ , is a 3-month coaching program where I help you transform your relationship with money by helping you generate more emotional wealth in your life, first.
And how do I know this? Because I’ve created this very relationship for myself.


Are you fearful of, anxious about or do you just plain avoid anything to do with money, regardless of your net worth? Do you feel like wealth is unattainable and financial freedom is something other people have, but not you?


Look up the term wealth on the internet and everything seems to lead its way back to money. We’re told we need money and an abundance of it to achieve financial freedom, but does having money necessarily mean we’re wealthy or financially-free?

Fall in love with the journey towards wealth and wellness and watch your goals manifest as a side effect of your journey towards happiness.

All of this and more is possible with This is Wealth and Wellness!™

What if it was joy and happiness you were meant to chase rather than money and material gain?

What if having a happy, fulfilled life came from an emotional bank of wellness rather than a bank account with a 5, 6, 7-figure balance? What if it was the journey towards ease and emotional wellness that was the energetic shift required to transform the balance in your bank account?
In reality it’s the ease and emotional wellness around your relationship with money that will generate the value you’re looking for, and when your life is abundant in joy and happiness, financial freedom will follow.

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This is Wealth and Wellness™ , a 1:1
3-month coaching program

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Like many other people, I’ve had
my issues with money...

Money gave me anxiety. It was difficult for me to look at my bank balance, for me to pay bills on time, or to buy nice things for myself without feeling guilty about spending money. I worked hard, took care of my monthly financial obligations, and then started back at zero. I accepted jobs that didn’t pay well, and worked long hours without any regard for the future, and it made me angry as I saw the years pass by and nothing about my financial situation got any easier.
It stung when I realized I was unconsciously creating my reality, but the pain of that realization quickly turned to compassion and later excitement when I understood that simply by bringing awareness to my thoughts I could become a conscious creator of my life, and my relationship with money. 
And you can too!

- Andrea


During our time together we’ll get clear about your current money relationship and what you want it to look like. We’ll formulate a custom game plan so while you’re generating emotional wealth in your life, you’re simultaneously transforming your relationship with money.

Learn to identify your relationship attachment style and how it expresses itself in your relationship with money.

Learn how to go from being an unconscious to conscious creator of your reality by hacking your subconscious. 

Learn to take full ownership for the parts of yourself you deem unacceptable and learn how to love them.

Learn how to create financial freedom fueled by a life rich in emotional wealth. Watch yourself transform into someone who is at ease with, and comfortable around money – someone who is proactive and ready to take radical responsibility for their finances. 

And get ready to reap the financial rewards that result as a side effect from being emotionally-wealthy, financially-free and a powerful money steward.

This is Wealth + Wellness!

Imagine healing your relationship with money, and breaking through generations of money trauma.

Imagine feeling empowered by money because you’re empowered.

Imagine feeling like you can trust money because you trust yourself.

Imagine feeling like you can always take care of yourself and those you love, with an abundance of money.

Imagine feeling at ease with, and comfortable around money.

Imagine your self-worth, happiness and security being generated from within.

All of this and more is possible with This is Wealth and Wellness™!

It isn’t about wealth. It’s about who you become in the process, and all the possibilities that exist when you realize you’re already there.

Financial freedom is only one click away!